A new "Carbon Reduction" survey has been created, which commits the three councils of Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre to being more environmentally friendly.
The councils are working together and within their localities. For Fylde Council to achieve our net-zero target, it is important to understand where we are now. This means determining the amount of greenhouse…

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Air Quality Management

Air pollution can have a significant effect on health and the environment. For this reason local authorities have a legal responsibility to assess and work towards improving air quality in their areas and to meet health based objectives set by the government. Council's are required to review air quality to assess whether defined air…

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Local Air Pollution Prevention and Control - Part B Processes Permit

Part B processes permits are issued by the council to regulate business activities which may cause air pollution. The permit your business requires depends on the specific processes involved and the type of emissions released. Please note: To find out about permits relating to other types of…

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Why we are collecting the data

Fylde Borough Council Environmental Protection Department provides a number of services which include Statutory Nuisance investigation, Environmental crime enforcement, regularisation to existing premises and enforcement to premises which fail to meet legislative requirements. The service area also covers, but not exclusively listed, the following roles -

Responsible Authorities

Organisations involved in the management of flood risk are known as Risk Management Authorities (RMAs), they are: Lead Local Flood Authorities (Lancashire County Council) are responsible for the management of local flood risks, which are defined as pluvial flooding, groundwater flooding and fluvial flooding from Ordinary Watercourses. Lancashire County Council is also responsible for managing…

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Fly posters usually advertise or promote events and are placed without permission of the owner of the property and can take the form of stickers, signs or posters. We take fly posting seriously - when you report fly posting, we will make enquiries into the source of the advertisement and take action if possible. You can…

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Fylde Council has teamed up in a partnership with organisations including the Environment Agency, United Utilities, other North West councils and Keep Britain Tidy to ensure the water off our beaches continues to improve.

What is the partnership doing?

Inland sewage discharges are being tackled. In some areas checks have been made to ensure that household sewage…

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What is the difference between a drain and a sewer?

A drain serves only one property. This is the home-owners responsibility. A lateral drain is the section of pipe which continues beyond the property boundary. This is the responsibility of United Utilities.


Drains - As a home owner you are still responsible for any drain serving only your…

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