Fly posters usually advertise or promote events and are placed without permission of the owner of the property and can take the form of stickers, signs or posters.

We take fly posting seriously – when you report fly posting, we will make enquiries into the source of the advertisement and take action if possible. You can report fly posting using the form below.

Fly posting fines

Fly posting is a criminal offence carrying large fines given out by a magistrate, or up to £80 fixed penalty notice issued by the local authority or police. If you see any one doing fly posting, you should report it to the Council or the police.

Responsibility for removing fly posting

We are usually responsible for removing fly posting from public buildings, street furniture or monuments.

Other items such as telephone boxes, bus shelters and electricity boxes are the responsibility of the company that has placed them there.

Your local council cannot remove fly posting from private households and other private property without the owner’s permission.