There will be no green bin collections from Saturday 21 December 2019 to Saturday 4 January 2020

Normal collections will resume from Monday 6 January 2020


How to recycle your real Christmas tree

Doorstep collections

Trinity Hospice are offering to collect real Christmas trees from households in Clifton, Kirkham, Newton, Singleton, Staining,…

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Flooding can happen anywhere, are you prepared?

Flooding has become more prevalent in recent years and one in six houses in England is at risk of flooding in the future. Being prepared could help you protect your home and your belongings next time there is severe weather.

Steps to take to prepare for flooding

There are many things…

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The larger planning applications, and those which are locally contentious, are often determined by the Planning Committee. This meets roughly once every 4 weeks and has 12 members from across the borough. Its meetings begin at 10am on a Wednesday and are held in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall. The meeting dates and…

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What does the barbecue ban mean?

It requires a person to not light or cook on any barbecue in the area where the order applies. It also requires a person to not bring any barbecue into an area where the order applies with the intention of lighting it or cooking on it there, knowing that doing…

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