A new “Carbon Reduction” survey has been created, which commits the three councils of Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre to being more environmentally friendly.

The councils are working together and within their localities. For Fylde Council to achieve our net-zero target, it is important to understand where we are now. This means determining the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are currently being produced from both council operations and across Fylde.

We have been working to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from council operations in Fylde. As part of this commitment we have:

Installed motion-sensor LED lighting within the Town Hall buildings along with new double-glazing and insulation for energy efficiency.

Stopped ordering Single Use Plastic items and introduced office recycling bins across all of our council buildings.

Introduced a Cycle to Work scheme and installed new bike facilities at the Town Hall.

We are currently working on an action plan to bring down all greenhouse gas emissions from within our council operations.

Across Fylde, we have also:

Expanded on the types of plastics that can be recycled from homes and provided a new wheeled bin to increase household recycling capacity

Introduced a ban on the release of sky lanterns and helium balloons on council land to reduce plastic waste locally

installing electric vehicle rapid charging points for taxi drivers and residents to use

Delivered ongoing home energy efficiency measures and advice to residents in Fylde

Worked with partners to continue to implement flood prevention schemes across Fylde, including the new sea defences at Lytham, Fairhaven and St Annes

Engaged with Love My Beach, schools, local volunteers and other community groups through the Fylde Litter Action Group (FLAG) initiative on projects to improve their local environment in a sustainable way

We are also working on a strategy on how we can reduce emissions from external sources across the Fylde area.

Fylde statistics:

National statistics produced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) detail the estimated carbon dioxide emissions across all local authorities. These figures are published annually in June, with a two-year time lag.

The total estimated carbon footprint for Fylde in 2018 was approximately 387.1 tonnes CO2. Census data from 2018 suggests 79,800 people live in the local area. Spread across everyone, this carbon footprint equates to 4.9 tonnes CO2 per person, per year.

The three main sectors contributed to these emissions were:

  • Industry and Commercial sector (35%, 133.8 tonnes CO2)
  • Domestic sources (34%, 132.9 tonnes CO2)
  • Transport (31%, 120.5 tonnes CO2)

Among these sectors, the single largest contributors to Fylde greenhouse gas emissions were:

  • Domestic gas 93.4 tonnes CO2
  • Road Transport (A roads) 57.5 CO2
  • Road Transport (minor roads) 53.4 CO2
  • Industry and commercial gas 52.3 CO2