The Talking Bench and Letters to Heaven Post Box was launched at Lytham Park in November 2023 in partnership with local charity Doherty’s Destiny – a bereavement by suicide support group.

The bench and post box are located just inside the cemetery gates and all our visitors are welcome to leave letters and cards written to their deceased loved ones in the white postbox provided and sit for a while and reflect on the bench beside it.

Writing our thoughts and feelings down and expressing messages directly to deceased loved ones has long been recognised as a beneficial and healing act and can offer a profound sense connection during the grieving process.

The bench offers a space to reflect and share our experiences with someone you know or maybe a stranger, allowing our community to connect and help support each other.

Beside the bench and postbox is a QR code linking to our bereavement support webpage which lists sources of bereavement support, both local and national, professional and voluntary, which you are invited to turn to. To find the page just click here.

Read about, and listen to Jo and Jon from Doherty’s Destiny talking about bench and postbox initiative here.

Letters and cards placed in the post box will be removed from time to time by the Bereavement Service team and are not recoverable. They will be treated sensitively and confidentially and disposed of professionally. We hope you find this facility beneficial and encourage you to seek support and share your experience of bereavement with others.