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Tendering Process

1. The Council is anxious to establish and maintain economical, efficient and effective purchasing arrangements in respect of all goods and services required within the Authority. 2. We are always happy to discuss our contracts and purchasing arrangements with all potential suppliers. The Council has a keen interest in supporting the local economy and local…

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Fylde Council is dependent on external partners to be able to provide services to its communities.

A competitive market is good for the local economy and good for the council. We want to give all potential providers, especially small and medium enterprises, the opportunity to bid for council contracts. Links from this page take you…

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There are a number of reliefs and exemptions available for local business depending on the size of their premises and how it is used. The most common reliefs and exemptions are detailed for occupied and unoccupied empty premises.

Occupied properties

Small business rate relief

You may be eligible for small business rate relief if…

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