Three types of licence are required by the new Act:

  • An operator licence concerned with the management and conduct of gambling.
  • A personal licence for persons with key operational functions connected with the gambling business.
  • A premises licence for the property where the gambling takes place.

Operator’s licences and personal licences are issued and regulated by the Gambling Commission, whereas responsibility for the issue and regulation of premises licences will lie with local authorities.


Some existing functions of local authorities and licensing Magistrates are abolished and reintroduced as functions of licensing authorities under the 2005 Act, these are:

  • Betting and Gaming Act 1963
  • Gaming Act 1968
  • Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976

Gambling Policy Statement

Licensing authorities are required to prepare and publish, every three years, a statement of the principles that they propose to apply when exercising their functions. In preparing such a statement, licensing authorities must follow the procedure set out in the Act as well as the accompanying guidance.