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On the 22 October 2018 the Council adopted the Fylde Local Plan to 2032.

The Fylde Local Plan to 2032 (the Local Plan) covers the whole of the Borough for the period 2011-2032. It provides the statutory planning framework for the Borough for non-minerals and waste matters. It replaces the Fylde Borough Local Plan As Altered 2005.

The Adopted Plan

Copies of the Plan as adopted and the accompanying adopted Policies Map, the Notice of Adoption Statement, the Inspectors Report, The Submission Sustainability Appraisal, Sustainability Appraisal Report Addendum 2018 and the Sustainability Appraisal Post-Adoption Statement October 2018 are available to view and download through the links below:

Notice of Adoption
Adopted Fylde Local Plan to 2032
Adopted Policies Map
     Inset Map Kirkham
     Inset Map St Annes
     Inset Map Lytham
Inspectors report – 19 September 2018
Submission Sustainability Main Report August 2016
     Sustainability Appraisal Non Technical Summary
     Sustainability Appraisal Appendices
Sustainability Appraisal Report Addendum 2018
Sustainability Appraisal Post Adoption Statement October 2018

Hard copies of the above mentioned documents will be made available for inspection free of charge at Fylde Council, Town Hall, St Annes Road West, Lytham St Annes, FY8 1LW and local libraries, library opening times can be viewed at:

Copies are also available to purchase, further information or advice can be obtained by telephoning 01253 658418 or by emailing

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