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We continue to work with colleagues in the NHS and Public Health England to do everything we can to delay the spread of coronavirus and ensure the people of Fylde are protected are protected. While cases are high and rising, everybody needs to continue to act carefully and remain cautious. This guidance sets out how people can see…

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Fylde is renowned for not only its historical seaside resorts but also for its rural beauty.  From the estuary frontages to the historical market towns and villages.  Within these centres we retain a strong appetite for fresh produce, drinks, locally made arts and crafts. Our Artisan Markets reflect this quality offer. Read more Markets

The ARG Event Support Scheme will support recovery of the tourism and culture economy in the post-COVID pandemic period in the Fylde Borough.  The ARG Event Support Scheme will contribute towards additional cost required to put in place measures to manage COVID infection i.e. testing facilities, sanitisers, COVID signage etc. as well part funding towards…

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Fylde Council is receiving an increasing number of complaints regarding the mess and damage being caused by the large population of feral pigeons in certain parts of the Borough.

The Facts

Feral pigeons form large flocks that roost on ledges, cills, sloping roofs and under bridges. They prefer to eat grain and seeds but have adapted to…

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