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Fylde Council Code of Conduct for Members

Effective from 20 May 2015 Approved by Council on 30 March 2015 1. Principles 1.1 These principles underpin the Code of Conduct. Although they do not form part of the Code, it is expected that you will act with: • Selflessness • Honesty and integrity • Objectivity • Accountability • Openness • Respect for others [...]
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The planning committee

The larger planning applications, and those which are locally contentious, are often determined by the Planning Committee. This meets roughly once every 4 weeks and has 12 members from across the borough. Its meetings begin at 10am on a Wednesday and are held in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall. The meeting dates and [...]
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What does the barbecue ban mean? It requires a person to not light or cook on any barbecue in the area where the order applies. It also requires a person to not bring any barbecue into an area where the order applies with the intention of lighting it or cooking on it there, knowing that [...]
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Further to a recent consultation on Public Spaces Protection Orders for BBQ’s and open fires, a number of sealed orders will come into force with effect from 1st July 2019 for a period of 3 years. The orders will prohibit BBQ’s and outdoor cooking on a number of the Borough’s open spaces; a full list [...]
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Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a tool for local authorities in England and Wales to help deliver infrastructure to support the development of the area. The CIL is a charge that developers must pay in relation to certain types of new development. The Council have prepared a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule for the Community [...]
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Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone Masterplan

Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone (BAEZ) was designated in November 2015, and came into existence with effect from 1 April 2016 with a 25 year lifespan and aspirations to host 3,000 new jobs, secure in excess of £300m private sector investment with over 180 new businesses locating to the BAEZ. The BAEZ is centered on the [...]
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