What is Scrutiny?

In May 2023, Fylde Council underwent a significant governance transformation with the establishment of the Executive Committee, which now assumes the decision-making responsibilities formerly held by programme committees. In response to this change, the Council introduced two scrutiny committees, both falling under the framework of the Local Government Act 2000. 

Purpose of Scrutiny

Scrutiny plays a vital role in monitoring performance and ensuring the effectiveness of the council’s policies, plans, practices, and services. It serves as a mechanism for fostering collaboration between the council, local residents, service partners, businesses, organisations, and voluntary/community groups. This collaborative approach complements the Council’s broader engagement efforts with its partners and residents. 

Scrutiny at Fylde Council

  • The Committees are politically balanced and typically convene approximately six times a year
  • Each scrutiny committee comprises 12 councillors, ensuring political balance
  • The constitution defines the specific responsibilities of each committee

Internal Affairs Scrutiny Committee

This committee focuses on policy development, performance monitoring, and budgetary processes at Fylde Council. Its mission is to enhance the quality of council decision-making and add value to its operations. 

Community Focus Scrutiny Committee

This committee looks outward, addressing issues affecting the local community and challenging the efforts of external partners and organisations within Fylde. It also serves as the crime and disorder committee under the Police and Justice Act 2006. 

Analysing Performance

Scrutiny involves in-depth analysis and assessment of performance and outcomes, both within the council’s own services and its interactions with external organizations. 

Wide-Ranging Authority

Scrutiny possesses the authority to examine any issue that impacts the area or its residents. This democratic mandate grants scrutiny committees a unique legitimacy to address a broad spectrum of issues that no other entity can. 

How to have your say on Scrutiny

Periodically, Fylde’s scrutiny committees seek input from the public and other entities on services provided by the council or other organisations. This process is known as a ‘Call for Evidence.’ Below, you can find the topics currently open for public input: 

  1. Use of Residential Premises as Children’s Homes 

Reports and Recommendations

Following an in-depth review of a specific topic, a scrutiny committee will produce a report that includes its findings and any recommended actions. Completed reports will be accessible below.