Supplementary planning guidance

Supplementary Planning Documents

The Council is producing and consulting on a series of new Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) The documents and details of the consultation appear below.

Current Consultation

The Council are not consulting on any SPD’s at the present time.

Supplementary Planning Documents provide detail on the application of policies in the adopted Fylde Local Plan to 2032. The Council has also prepared Consultation Statements in accordance with Regulation 12 (a)(i-iii) which details the persons the Council consulted when preparing the supplementary planning documents (the Scoping Consultation), a summary of the main issues raised and how those issues have been addressed in the supplementary planning documents.

Adopted documents for decision-making

Earlier Adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPGs)

Below is a list of all SPG documents available and a link to download the document.

If you require a hard copy, please contact the Planning Policy team by telephoning 01253 658418 or by email to