When moving house, there are a number of services at Fylde Council that may need updating. Here is a helpful walkthrough of who may need informing.

If you are moving to or from a property within our area then please click the button below in order to notify us of your change of address details.

If you are new to the area you will need to make a new housing benefit claim.

Already claim housing benefits in Fylde but need to change your address.

Please have your housing benefit claim number available.

Each person in the household who is eligible will need to re-register to appear on the electoral register at the new property.  All applications for the electoral register need to be made via the national registration website.

Please note you will need your National Insurance number available.

If you have moved into a house that doesn’t have bins, you may have to purchase them

Provision of full set of wheeled bins (grey, green, blue and brown) at a new build property – £156.00
Provision of lost, stolen, damaged or additional (if eligible) wheeled bin including delivery –  £39

Green waste subscriptions are made against the property, if you move into a property without a green bin subscription a new service will need to be purchased.

Fylde Council can provide an assisted collection for residents who cannot move their bins to the collection point and have no one else living at the property to help them with the task.

You can apply for a new permit or inform us of your change of address for an exiting permit.