Information leaflet

Recycling guide for all bins (7mb)PDF
Your guide to Green Sacks, Green Box & Blue Bag (6mb)PDF
Your guide to Green Sacks, Blue & Brown Bins (5mb)PDF

Please use the recycling bins to recycle the following household waste.  Please note that we can’t collect a bin if it contains the wrong items.

If you require an additional or replacement bin, information can be found here.

Blue Bin / Green Box

From 1 October 2019 you can recycle clean plastic pots, tubs and trays – grade 1, 2 and 5 within the recycling triangle on the packaging:

1 – single use, clear plastic bottles, fruit containers, ready meal food trays

2 – milk bottles, shampoo bottles, margarine tubs and cleaning product bottles

5 – food pots, bottle tops, yoghurt pots and sauce bottles, meat packaging and egg cartons, biscuit/chocolate trays

YES PleaseNO Thanks
Plastic bottles – drinks, cosmetic, toiletry and detergent (including lids)Plastic carrier bags – place items loose in the bin/box
Plastic pots - yoghurt, soup, dairy, snack (including lids)Plastic film, wrappings, bags, bubble wrap
Plastic tubs - margarine, ice cream, chocolate/biscuit, detergent (including lids)Polystyrene
Plastic trays – meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables (including lids, remove film lids and absorbent pads from meat trays)Food, nappies, wet wipes, tissues
Plastic plant pots (without plant/soil)Paper /cardboard – place in the brown bin/blue bag
Glass bottles and jars (including lids)Crockery, pans, cutlery
Empty aerosolsGlass panes, Pyrex glass, drinking glass
Clean aluminium foil and foil traysWaxed food and drink cartons (such as juice, milk and soup)
Drink cans and food tins

Please ensure all items are rinsed before placing in the recycling bin / box, this ensures that the items are of the quality required by the reprocessing plant to meet recycling guidance.

Brown Bin / Blue Bag

YES PleaseNO Thanks
All cardboard (food packaging boxes, toiletry and cosmetic boxes, detergent boxes, delivery boxes and toilet/kitchen roll tubesPlastic carrier bags – place items loose in the bin/bag
Newspapers and magazinesPlastic film, wrappings, bags, bubble wrap
Shredded paperPolystyrene
Envelopes – plain and windowFood, nappies, wet wipes, tissues
Junk MailWaxed food and drinks cartons including milk, juice and soup
Brochures and cataloguesGlass bottle/jars, cans, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays – please in the blue bin/green box
Greeting cards and wrapping paper (no foil)Wallpaper

Battery bag

All household batteries should be placed in the clear plastic bag provided and once full, placed on top of the blue or brown bin for collection.

YES pleaseNO thanks
6vCar/motorbike batteries
DIndustrial batteries
Mobile phone

To request a battery bag, please fill out this form.

Green Bin

This is an optional chargeable service, to receive collections please sign up here

YES PleaseNO Thanks
Grass cuttingsLarge branches and pieces of wood – including trees and tree roots
Leaves Soil, rubble, hardcore, sand
Flowers, plants and weeds (remove soil from the roots before placing in the bin)Cardboard
Garden pruningsFood, oils, liquids
Wood shavings and bark Plastic carrier bags, wrappings and food and drink containers
Twigs and small branchesCat litter and dog faeces
Straw animal beddingArtificial Christmas trees and decorations
Real Christmas trees (chopped up)

Grey Bin

The grey bin should only be used for household waste that cannot be recycled. Extra bags left at the side of the grey bin will not be collected.

YES PleaseNO Thanks
Food wasteHardcore, rubble
Nappies, wet wipes, tissuesPlasterboard
Plastic film, wrappings, bags, bubble wrapAsbestos
PolystyreneElectrical items
Waxed food and drinks cartons including milk, juice and soupPaint cans
Cat litter and dog faeces (bagged)Oil drums

Important information

  • Please note that it will not be possible to empty the grey, blue, brown and green bins if they are deemed too heavy or the contents are compacted
  • The bins are emptied on alternate weeks with the blue, brown and green bins emptied one week and the grey bin emptied the following week
  • Place the containers out for collection at the edge of your property by 7.00am on your collection day
  • Please place all items loose in the blue, brown and green bins
  • Please note that we do not collect any excess waste placed at the side of the blue, brown and green bins
  • Excess waste can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Collection (HWRC) site at Saltcotes Road, Lytham
  • Extra recycling bins can be ordered and purchased through Fylde Council if required
  • Please store wheeled bins and waste containers away from the public highway between collections