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The Council submitted their Partial Review documents to the Planning Inspectorate on 21st October 2020.

This page should be viewed alongside the submission webpage from which the original submission library may be accessed. The submission library also contains the full set of representations that arose from the consultation between 23 July and 3 September 2020. See also Latest News entry 21 January and library item EL1.001.

Further library items will be added to this Examination page as the Examination progresses and representors and other interested parties are encouraged to view it on a regular basis for new items and latest developments.

Latest News

24 February 2021 - The deadline for responses to the Inspector's Matters Issues and Questions has now passed. Responses received may be found in library section EL2 below. The Programme Officer will be in touch shortly with intended participants concerning preparations for the hearing sessions. Details for observers only will also be added to the webpage in good time ahead of the Examination hearing.

29 January 2021 - the Matters Issues and Questions document EL1.003d has been modestly updated and replaced with a version 2. Details of the changes are noted at the end of the new document. The draft hearing programme has also been updated.

29 January 2021 - the Council's Notification of Examination Hearing has been added to the library as item EL1.004.

26 January 2021 Examination hearing dates have now been scheduled for 17-18 March. The Inspector's Matters Issues and Questions (MIQs) and other related items have been added to the Examination library below - documents EL1.003a-e.

21 January 2021 A Representation submitted modestly late by Lancashire County Council has now been accepted as an Examination document - this may be viewed in the library section below as EL1.001.

21 January 2021 The Council submitted its Draft Annual Position Statement (Submission library document no. EDPR11) to the Planning Inspectorate on 31st July 2020. Subsequently, the Inspector’s Report on the Council’s Draft APS has been received. It confirms that the Council has a five-year housing land supply for the year to October 31st 2021. Accordingly, the Council has provided related documents as follows:
• APS Inspector’s Report;
• Final Fylde APS for 2020 Incorporating Inspector’s Recommendations (update of document EDPR11); and
• Five-Year Supply Position Statement Partial Review Version (update of document EDPR12 incorporating APS Inspector’s recommendations).
These are available via the Examination library below (entries EL1.002a-c).

The Inspector

Mrs Yvonne Wright BSc(Hons) DIPT&CP MSc MRTPI has been appointed to undertake an independent examination into the soundness of the Partial Review and to subsequently issue a report with her conclusions.

The Programme Officer

All correspondence to or from the Inspector will be via an independent Programme Officer and Tony Blackburn will fulfill this role. Items should be sent to him, preferably by email, to

or alternatively by post to him at the following address:

15 Ottawa Close

Additionally he may be contacted by telephone on 01254 260286.

The Examination Hearing

Examination hearing sessions are presently scheduled to take place on 17-18 March 2021. Details can be found in Examination library items EL1.003a-e. The hearing sessions will be held virtually, by Zoom, and guidance notes on how to access the sessions - either as participants or observers - will be provided in the near future. Participation is limited to those who submitted duly made representations - requests from others are unlikely to be agreed unless invited by the Inspector but should in the first instance be sent to the Programme Officer.

Further Examination library items

EL1 Items added to the library since Submission
Document LinkDocument NameDateAuthor
EL1.001LCC Representation 030920203 September 2020Marcus Hudson - Head of Planning Lancashire Council Council
EL1.002aFylde APS Report FINAL27 October 2020Katie McDonald MSc MRTPI - The Planning Inspectorate
EL1.002bFylde APS 2020 finalOctober 2020Fylde Council
EL1.002cFive Year Supply Position Statement Partial Review VersionNovember 2020Fylde Council
EL1.003aEmail-260121 from Programme Officer to representors re Examination dates and MIQs etc.26 January 2021Programme Officer
EL1.003bFylde PR Examination Guidance Note v26012126 January 2021Inspector
EL1.003cFylde PR Hearing sessions v29012129 January 2021Inspector
EL1.003dFylde PR MIQs V2 29012129 January 2021Inspector
EL1.003eLPA hosted Local Plans Privacy Notice 19.01.2119 January 2021The Planning Inspectorate
EL1.004Fylde Council - Notification of Examination hearing FINAL29 January 2021Fylde Council
EL1.005Letter to Inspector - Mods129 January 2021Fylde Council

EL2 MIQ responses
Document Link CommentSubject
EL2.001aLetterHome Builders Federation
EL2.001bMatter 1Home Builders Federation
EL2.001cMatter 2Home Builders Federation
EL2.001dMatter 3Home Builders Federation
EL2.002aMatter 1Gladman Developments
EL2.002bMatter 2Gladman Developments
EL2.003aMatter 1Lichfields on behalf of Taylor Wimpey
EL2.003bMatter 2Lichfields on behalf of Taylor Wimpey
EL2.004a(i)Matter 1Cassidy & Ashton re Home Farm
EL2.004a(ii)Matter 1 (Appendix CA1)Cassidy & Ashton re Home Farm
EL2.004b(i)Matter 2 Cassidy & Ashton re Home Farm
EL2.004b(ii)Matter 2 (Appendix CA1a)Cassidy & Ashton re Home Farm
EL2.004b(iii)Matter 2 (Appendix CA1b)Cassidy & Ashton re Home Farm
EL2.004b(iv)Matter 2 (Appendix CA2)Cassidy & Ashton re Home Farm
EL2.004b(v)Matter 2 (Appendix CA3)Cassidy & Ashton re Home Farm
EL2.005aMatter 1Emery Planning for Wainhomes and Hollins Strategic
EL2.005bMatter 2Emery Planning for Wainhomes and Hollins Strategic
EL2.006Matters 1, 2 & 3Fylde Council
EL2.007Matter 2De Pol Assoc re Concert Living
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