The Partial Review of the Fylde Local Plan to 2032 (FLP32) was submitted to the Secretary of State for Examination, along with accompanying documents, on 21st October 2020.

The Inspector’s Final Report was received on 21st October 2021 and is available for view: Inspector’s Final Report including Appendix

For information about the Examination please see the Examination webpage.

Submission Documents

Submission documents are provided for inspection below in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 Regulations 22(3)(b) and (c):

Evidence Documents

The following evidence documents used for the preparation of the Partial Review of the FLP32 were included with the submission:

The Examination

Following submission an Inspector will be appointed to undertake an independent Examination into the soundness of the Plan. A Programme Officer Tony Blackburn has been appointed to administer the independent Examination and assist the Inspector.

Further information is available on the Examination webpage.