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Please note

  • Attending a funeral at Lytham Park is by invitation only. The national legal limit for attendance at a funeral is 30 people. In order to maintain social distancing, seating within the Chapel is limited to five pews. Each pew may seat either up to six people from one household/bubble or two people from two separate households sat apart. Families are required to arrange how mourners will be seated in advance. Any mourners that do not wish to sit in the chapel or the space does not allow, are welcome to stand outside the front of the building where the service will be played through speakers. No mourners will be permitted to stand inside the building – any person without a seat will be asked to leave before the funeral will commence. Please speak to your Funeral Director for further information.

  • Social distancing should be observed during attendance, including getting to and from the grounds. Face coverings must be worn unless exempted

  • The Book of Remembrance room is open every day between 10am and 7.30pm. The Book can be viewed online here

  • Memorials can be arranged online or via your funeral director. Other information may be available by phone on 01253 735429 or email

Opening Hours

Lytham Park Cemetery & Crematorium grounds are open every day, seven days a week, to pedestrian visitors on foot between 9am and dusk.

Vehicle access to the grounds is limited to weekends between 9am and dusk (except when funerals are taking place).

Live Streaming

Families now have the option to share a live stream video link so that friends and relatives can attend a service from the safety of their own homes.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the password on the main screen
  3. Enter the password on the video player
  4. The stream should now be viewable

Please note this is a free service to try to assist those who cannot attend funeral services. Unfortunately Fylde Council cannot offer support on or guarantee the quality of stream on each individuals device or connection.

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