Memorials can be purchased in memory of any person, whether the funeral took place at Lytham Park or not. The cremated remains of persons who were cremated at Lytham Park or elsewhere may be scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at no cost. There are two main types of memorial available at Lytham Park Crematorium:

Memorial Wall Plaques

Single and double wall plaques are available and are sited on the walls overlooking the lakeside in the Garden of Remembrance. Ashes may be scattered on the grassed area in front of the plaques or anywhere within the Garden of Remembrance. A single plaque can accommodateĀ  approximately 70 letters and numbers and measure 170mm by 110mm. Double plaques can hold around 140 letters and numbers and measure 350mm by 110mm. If a reserved space is required the reservation must be made at the time the original plaque is purchased. Examples of inscriptions can be found in the attachment to the right.

Mosaic Wall Tablets

Also available are bespoke tablets in a variety of natural stone materials, sizes, fonts, etchings etc. situated on the Mosaic Walls on the far side of the Lake also overlooking the Garden of Remembrance. These are purchased from our local memorial stone masons directly. Please contact the crematorium office for contact details and flyers.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is an anniversary memorial and is on display in the memorial room situated at the gates to the Cemetery. The entry is normally inscribed on the date of death, but the entry can be made on any day the family considers significant, such as a birthday or wedding anniversary. The standard entry is 2 lines but entries of 5 or 8 lines are available. Entries of 5 lines or more may be embellished with an emblem if desired. Examples of entries can be seen on the electronic Book of Remembrance.

Please note there are no new kerbstones or commemorative benches available for adoption at the cemetery and crematorium at this time.

For further information please contact the Cemetery Office on 01253 735429 or