Local authorities across England are starting to suspend bin collections and close rubbish tips and recycling centres due to staffing pressures that have resulted from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Garden waste and recycling collections are also on hold in many areas, as councils report lower staffing levels due to self-isolation. The refuse and recycling services are still operating as normal across Fylde and we want to maintain the regular service for as long as possible during the crisis. 

With many residents self-isolating or working from home during the day, and children home from school and university, the quantity of household waste generated and the demand on our refuse collection services has increased.  At this unprecedented time, we hope residents are mindful of the additional pressure being placed on the frontline waste services.  There are no additional resources to collect extra rubbish produced as a result of people at home carrying out DIY, gardening or other activities.  Resident are requested to manage their household waste responsibly and only place waste in the grey wheeled bin or green sacks provided for their regular collection.  Any extra waste should be handled responsibly by double bagging and storing within the property and gradually incorporating it in the bin over a period of time 

Additional waste presented in sacks alongside the bins or in other containers will not be taken, due to the increased risk of infection from exposure to potential contaminants which could jeopardise the health of the refuse staff and the sustainability of the service going forward.  We are also unable to process requests for additional containers at this time as our resources are prioritised on frontline waste collection. 

Please make sure that everyone in the household knows what can be recycled in each container, and squash all plastic bottles, cans and cardboard packaging to make the best use of your containers. 

Click here to see what can be recycled in each container.

We kindly ask that everyone does their bit to support the service by collectively practising waste minimisation as much as possible. There are plenty of creative ideas online to reduce household waste, including composting, creative meal preparation, swapping disposable items for reusable and more. 

There may come a time when we must make changes to your bin collections.  Please follow our Fylde Borough Council Facebook page for all the latest updates or check our dedicated COVID-19 page. 

Thank you for your understanding and support for our hardworking crews at this challenging time.