All employee basic pay is based on pay and grading evaluation schemes with the GLPC scheme for posts up to Chief Officer and the Hay scheme for Chief Officer posts. Both of these schemes have been tested to ensure that they are free from gender bias and the use of these schemes has been agreed with the relevant recognised
Trades Unions. Apprentices are paid at the National Minimum Wage during their apprenticeship period.

Pay and grading evaluation panels made up of trained employee representatives evaluate the job description and person specification for the posts which in turn produces a score and a grade. Equality is ensured by evaluating the post and not the person.

The Council adopts the national pay bargaining arrangements in respect of the establishment and revision of the national pay spine, for example through any agreed annual pay increases negotiated with joint trade unions.

All other pay related allowances are the subject of either nationally or locally negotiated rates, having been determined from time to time in accordance with collective bargaining machinery.