Fylde Council is committed to being open and transparent. The pages in this section provide you with details and easy access to much of the data and information we publish. Where possible we are making our data available in a format that allows you to re-use it.

What is Open Data?

  • Open data is about increased transparency, about sharing the information we hold with the wider community
  • Open data means making the non-personal datasets we publish on our website available to everyone in a format that can be reused

Anyone can use our published datasets. You don’t have to apply or ask for permission, but you do have to agree to the terms of the Open Government Licence for public sector information.

You are free to choose how you use the data. For example:

  • You may just want to examine the data to get a better understanding of local issues or of how we work
  • You could republish the data on your blog or website. If you are a software or web developer, you could use the data as part of a web application