Fylde Council’s Workplace Health Champions programme has surpassed its targets in helping local businesses create health ambassadors to drive positive change in their organisations and is set to continue making a real difference to even more workplaces. 

Through funding from the EU European Social Fund (ESF), the Workplace Health Champion programme delivers NCFE accredited qualification training to people aged 18+ in work, helping upskill and improve their future employment opportunities while supporting their colleagues in becoming happier, healthier people. 

Fylde Council’s delivery partnership with Active Lancashire proved highly successful, achieving and exceeding the programme targets: 

  • Participants living in a single adult household with dependent children: Target 11, Achieved 15 
  • Participants attaining a level 2 qualification: Target 45, Achieved 89 
  • Participants attaining a level 3 qualification: Target 35, Achieved 38 

The success has allowed the project to drawn down further funding to continue engaging with businesses and extend the working partnership with Active Lancashire, targeting more small-to-medium size businesses which have been shown to benefit most.  

The programme is part of Fylde Council’s Business Health Matters scheme to support local businesses in improving the physical and mental health of their employees. Staff enjoy improvements to their overall health and happiness, whilst employers benefit from increased resilience and productivity within their workforce. Participating organisations have also been able to benefit from Fylde Council’s brilliant CHANGE Healthy Weight Service, helping people make small changes to their lifestyle leading to big changes in their health, from implementing healthy eating habits to understanding food labelling. 

Cllr Chris Dixon, Lead Member for Social Wellbeing, said: “Each workplace is unique and best understood by the people who work there, so by teaching people these skills and helping them become drivers for positive change, we empower them to keep supporting their colleagues.” 

If you feel that the health and wellbeing of your staff is critical for your business to be successful, visit the Business Health Matters page and get in touch: https://www.businesshealthmatters.org.uk/ 

Individuals are also welcome to self-refer to the CHANGE Healthy Weight Service though the Fylde Council website: https://new.fylde.gov.uk/change/


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