Sections of the car park at St Annes Swimming Pool have been resurfaced and relined to make the amenity ready for the summer ahead. 

Capital expenditure usually requires committee approval in advance, but it was agreed that the decision was necessary to ensure the works were complete prior to the start of the main holiday season.  

A spokesperson for Fylde Council said: “The resurfacing and relining works at the St Annes Pool car park were both urgent and necessary to ensure safe and plentiful parking for residents and visitors. It’s thanks to our financial prudence and flexibility that we’re able to to get essential works like this done when they’re needed, before they grow into bigger problems.” 

Each year, Fylde Council’s approved budget includes an annual capital budget of £30,000 for car park improvements. Over the last few years, this budget went unspent because of the expectation that works would be required following the completion of the St Annes Sea Defence project to resurface the St Annes Swimming Pool and Fairhaven Road car parks. 

In October 2023, it was resolved that due to increased costs the sea defence project would not be progressed at this time. As a result, the car parks were reassessed, and the highest priority improvement works identified was the resurfacing of a proportion of the St Annes swimming pool car park. 

A capital expenditure of £33,512 was incurred for the resurfacing and relining through tendered contractors. All neighbouring businesses were liaised with in advance to ensure they could remain open, and the works were fully completed by 15 May. 

The resurfacing of the St Annes Swimming Pool car park complements the comprehensive plan announced earlier this month to extend the operational life of the facility through significant capital investments. To read more about what Fylde Council is doing to explore all practicable options to support swimming provision in Fylde, visit the Fylde Council website:


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