Fylde Council is committed to delivering high standards of cleanliness across the borough and works hard to ensure that the area is free of litter and an attractive place to live, work and visit 

  • Residential streets are monitored and cleaned regularly 
  • Town Centres are swept and litter picked daily 
  • Litter bins are emptied throughout the day 
  • Support is offered to the local community who take pride in where they live 
  • Enforcement action is taken against people who litter or dump rubbish 

Fylde Council is responsible for cleaning:

  • Public roads, footpaths, channels and council car parks 
  • Residential areas 
  • Town centres and pedestrian areas 
  • Beaches 
  • Weed spraying  
  • Brick built bus shelters 

The following Parish and Town Councils are responsible for their own street cleaning: 

  • Elswick 
  • Greenhalgh with Thistleton 
  • Little Eccleston with Larbreck 
  • Medlar with Wesham 
  • Staining 
  • Weeton with Preese 

If you have a cleaning request in one of these areas please contact the Parish or Town Council.

We are responsible for the removal of the following items from public areas: 

  • Windblown sand  
  • Hyperdermic needles and syringes 
  • Dog faeces 
  • Litter clearance and litter bin emptying 
  • Abandoned vehicles 
  • Leaf fall 
  • Graffiti 
  • Flytipping 
  • Flyposting 
  • Highway obstructions such as dead animals, broken glass and oil spillages 

How can you help

In addition to our regular scheduled cleaning activities please let us know if a problem arises in your area.  

Once reported we aim to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. 

You can also help to keep the streets of Fylde litter free by: 

  • Using one of our litter bins to dispose of any litter when you are out  
  • Place used chewing gum in a litter bin 
  • Stubbing out cigarette ends and placing in a litter bin 
  • Using a dog bag to pick up after your dog and placing it in a litter bin 
  • Joining one of our regular litter picks

Beach cleaning 

We are responsible for cleaning the beach from Star Gate to Fairhaven, which is completed weekly throughout the year, the amenity beach (around St Annes Pier) is also raked regularly from Easter until the end of September.  Any reports of tidal debris or emergency cleaning requests are resolved as quickly as possible.  

If you are visiting the beach don’t forget to remove all of your personal belongings when you leave and put any rubbish in the litter bins located along the promenade or take it home with you, this means that other visitors can enjoy our beautiful beach too 

Litter that is left on the beaches of Fylde can enter the sea and result in marine pollution which could contribute to the death of marine animals.  

If you are interested in getting involved in one of the organised litter picks along our coastline please visit Love my Beach for further details.

In the case of an emergency outside of normal working hours, Fylde Council operates an out of hours service for the following: 

  • Highway obstruction such as dead animals and tree fall 
  • Oil spillages and debris 
  • Hyperdermic needles and syringes 
  • Stray dogs 

To report a problem that requires an emergency response out of normal working hours please contact 01253 642111.