We know that people dropping litter is a top concern for residents, businesses, schools, community organisations and other groups, so we have set up the Fylde Litter Action Group (FLAG) to enhance the positive work the council does with all it’s partners to tackle litter in Fylde.

We are asking anyone who is concerned with litter to stand up and to show your commitment to litter prevention and work together for a cleaner, greener, Fylde. Please sign up to our FLAG pledge using the form at the side of this page and become one of our supporters in keeping the area litter free.

Anyone who signs up to the pledge will be added to the list of FLAG supporters and will receive an optional e-newsletter, keeping residents and community groups updated about how much litter has been collected in the area and providing information about what Fylde Litter Action Group is doing to keep Fylde clean, as well as details about community clean-ups and other events linked to the group that are taking place in local parks and public recreational areas.

The Fylde Litter Action Group (FLAG) will be able to provide advice to anyone who wants to organise a clean-up and the Fylde Council Waste Prevention and Enforcement Team will assist anyone who has a concern regarding litter in the community.