The Council manages the Lytham Park Cemetery and is responsible for the grounds maintenance of the closed churchyard at the St Annes Parish Church. In managing and maintaining the cemetery and churchyard, the Council has a statutory responsibility under Health and Safety legislation to oversee the safety of all visitors to the cemetery and churchyard. The Council is also required to assess the risk from all the cemetery and churchyard memorials as part of its risk management program.

This notice is intended to inform you that the Council has arranged for a memorial safety inspection survey consisting of a nationally recognised hand test to cover Lytham Park Cemetery & St Annes Parish Churchyard.

Notice is hereby given that any memorials deemed, as a result of inspection, to be unsafe and an immediate danger will be made safe by lowering them to the ground by trained personnel or be supported by metal stakes held by strong plastic tags. Owners of the affected graves will be notified in writing at their address registered with the Cemetery.

Graves that are found to be unsafe but not an immediate danger will be supported by stakes and covered with a protective bag stating the gravestone is a potential danger and that it should not be touched.

Your attention is drawn to the Fylde Borough Council Cemetery Regulation’s 22, which states: – “22. All private graves, with their monuments and gravestones, shall be kept in good repair by their owners. Notice will be sent to the owner, or his or her representative, if known, in case of such repairs being required. If not arranged for within three months after such notice, the Authority, at its discretion, may cause the memorial to be repaired or removed at the expense of the owner. The cost of the work shall be repaid to the Authority and no grave or vault will be re-opened upon which such cost remains unpaid.

Under the provisions of the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 (LACO) Article 3 the Council is empowered to take immediate action to make safe dangerous memorials. Where a memorial is found to be an immediate danger to the public or Cemetery staff it will be laid down within the grave space, or removed to a safe area and the registered owners will be instructed to re-fix the memorial at their own expense.

It would be appreciated if all owners of graves in the Cemetery and Churchyard could ensure their memorials are in a safe and stable condition at all times. If memorials are found to be defective grave owners should only consult and employ a registered monumental mason to remedy a defective memorial. Should anyone have any concerns or queries regarding this survey please contact, in writing, The Registrar, Lytham Park Cemetery, Regent Avenue, Lytham, Lancs, FY8 4AB. Or email