These indices holds the records of all persons who have been cremated or buried at Lytham Park Cemetery and Crematorium since the opening of the cemetery in 1927 and the opening of the crematorium in 1958.

The Memorial Index contains details of all Cremation Memorials at Lytham Park. These include details of memorials for persons who were not cremated at Lytham Park.

The indices are updated intermittently, please refer to the date given in the index title for when last updated.

The information contained in each index has been taken from several sources and is still in the process of being cross checked to ensure accuracy. Whilst every effort is being made to ensure these indices are as accurate as possible no liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions.

Please use your normal search facility (normally press Ctrl + F key together) to find individual records.

As some of the indices are large it is recommended that you save them to your own computer to speed up access to the data.

Some of the maps referred to in the user guide are still being prepared. These will be published as soon as they are complete.

Wyre Borough Council have published the records of burials at Fleetwood and Poulton le Fylde cemeteries, please use the link and follow the instructions.

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