Fylde Council is consulting with residents regarding proposals to set up a new parish council in Lytham, a new parish council in Ansdell, and several boundary changes between existing parishes as part of a community governance review.

“Neighbourhood governance”, or “community governance”, is the term used to refer to local representative bodies covering a smaller area than a district or a borough. Town and parish councils are examples of neighbourhood governance and are the first level of local government. They empower communities by giving them a democratic voice and a structure for taking community action, as well as by providing some local services.

Cllr Karen Buckley, Leader of Fylde Council, said: “The only areas in our borough without a town or parish council are Ansdell and Lytham.  Parish councils are the authority closest to the people and can be a strong voice for the community.  The consultation seeks views on whether Lytham and Ansdell should be parished and, if so, whether each should have their own parish or be joined together.  The remainder of the review considers boundaries between councils and whether they should change.  Amending these to align with substantial physical and geographical features will create strong, clearly defined boundaries, and clear up anomalies such as small groups of buildings being split between two parish councils.”

The proposals for consultation under this review are:

  • Proposal A1: A new parish council for Ansdell.
  • Proposal BW2: A boundary change between Bryning with Warton and Ribby with Wrea.
  • Proposal BW3: A boundary change between Bryning with Warton and Westby with Plumptons.
  • Proposal E1: A boundary change between Elswick and Little Eccleston with Larbreck.
  • Proposal L1: A new parish council for Lytham.
  • RW1: A boundary change between Ribby with Wrea and Westby with Plumptons.
  • WP4: A boundary change between Westby with Plumptons and the presently unparished area.

Government guidance states that community governance should be reviewed every ten to fifteen years, with the last review in Fylde occurring in 2010.


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