What is the proposed change?

We are consulting on a possible change to the boundary between Ribby with Wrea and Westby with Plumptons. This is part of a wider review of parish council areas across Fylde. There is government guidance about how we should carry out the review, which you can look at here.

The boundary between Ribby with Wrea and Westby with Plumptons presently runs along a minor watercourse immediately to the south of the South Fylde railway line.. The possible change would move the boundary to the railway line. This means that the land between the railway line and the present boundary would become part of Ribby with Wrea instead of being part of Westby with Plumptons. You can see the proposed change on the map below, where the current boundary is shown in black and the proposed boundary is shown in green.

We are using the reference RW1 to refer to this possible change.

Why are we considering a change?

The Government Guidance says that parish council areas should be reviewed every ten to fifteen years. It is twelve years since parish council areas in Fylde were previously reviewed. The guidance describes the kind of changes that we should consider. These include changes to make parish boundaries reflect today’s patterns of settlement and community identity and to tie them to strong, clearly-defined ground features.

Moving the boundary between Ribby with Wrea and Westby with Plumptons to the railway would tie it to a substantial physical feature which forms a strong, identifiable boundary. It also brings the industrial buildings to the west of the railway bridge, which are clearly part of the village, into the parish of Ribby with Wrea.

What do you think?

You can let us know what you think about the proposal on this page by filling in our questionnaire at https://forms.office.com/r/pg6VtqiVXD. You can also comment in the questionnaire on other changes to parishes that we are considering. If you prefer, you can send your views to: Parish Review, Fylde Council, Town Hall, St Annes Road West, Lytham St Annes FY8 1LW or email them to parishreview@fylde.gov.uk. Please reply if you can by the end by the end of March.