Fylde Council are inviting visitors and residents to express their views on car parking arrangements throughout Lytham in an online survey.

The aim of the survey is to gather information about people’s parking preferences, concerns, and suggestions. This data will then be used to inform future developments regarding parking facilities to support the town and wider area, subject to normal planning approval.

Councillor Roger Small, Chairman of the Operational Management Committee, said: “Lytham boasts a wealth of delightful amenities and attractions to appeal to residents and visitors alike. This survey is the first step in the process to ensure our beautiful town can continue to be conveniently enjoyed by generations to come.”

Fylde Council strive to ensure that residents, businesses, shoppers, visitors, and workers have access to sufficient, good quality, safe and welcoming parking provision. The survey focuses primarily on off-street parking (namely public car parks) which Fylde Council operates, but any opinions regarding on-street parking can also be presented and will be passed to Lancashire County Council for their consideration.

The survey will be open until 9th January 2022, and can be accessed online here: https://www.fylde.gov.uk/council/consultation/

Please note, if you are a Fylde Resident and use Fylde council’s car parks more than once a month throughout the year, you may find it cheaper to obtain a Fylde Resident Permit under the Fylde Resident Permit Scheme.


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