Subscriptions for the 2022/23 Garden Waste Collection Service delivered by Fylde Council are now open.  You can subscribe online by visiting

The service has proven to be extremely popular with over 19,000 subscribers each year, offering a convenient way for residents to recycle garden waste at home through the green bin collection service. Collecting garden waste separately in the green wheeled bins is a natural method of processing this material, so by recycling the garden waste at home residents are benefitting the environment.

The 2022/23 service charge is increasing to £35 per green bin to cover rising operational costs.  This charge equates to just £1.40 per collection. Fylde Council offers 25 collections throughout the year with the exception of the Christmas and New Year period when the service is suspended.

At the Full Council meeting on 7 February 2022, members elected to approve the £5 price increase. Cllr Roger Small, Chair of the Operational Management Committee, said: “The increase to £35 per garden waste bin is necessary to ensure a high standard of service continues to be delivered. The service offers excellent value for money whilst helping achieve national targets to maximise recycling through our services. Garden waste recycling contributes 15% to the Council’s overall recycling rate with 43% of all household waste recycled, ranking Fylde Council amongst the top recyclers in the North West.  Throughout the pandemic the collection service continued without disruption thanks to our hard working crews, we are proud of the praise the service receives.”

For more information about the Garden Waste Collection Service, including details on how to subscribe, please visit the Fylde Council website:


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