The Fylde Council handyperson scheme for those on lower income and sanctuary scheme to help victims of domestic violence will be continued for a further three years in Fylde. 

Following an initial 12-month pilot scheme, councillors on Fylde’s Environment, Health and Housing Committee voted unanimously to fund the service for a further three years. 

The handyperson scheme is targeted at lower income households, particularly older and disabled residents in their own homes who need assistance with repair, maintenance and home safety checks.  

Some 94 applications were made to the handyperson service last year, with 91 successful referrals and 200 jobs carried out. Work typically involves the installation of minor aids and adaptations to maintain their independence in their own homes. 

The Sanctuary service operates alongside the Handyperson Scheme and provides support to help victims of domestic abuse stay in their homes, such as added security measures and cameras for peace of mind. 

Cllr Tommy Threlfall, Chairman of the Committee, said: “These are both wonderful services and I’m very pleased to see Fylde Council support for them another three years, helping those who need it most.”  

If you or someone you know would benefit from either the handyperson scheme or the sanctuary scheme, visit the Fylde Council website for more information or call the Fylde Council Customer Service team on 01253 658658. 


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