Fylde Council is undertaking a comprehensive plan to extend the operational life of the St Annes Pool facility through significant capital investments.  

Built in 1986, the pool has exceeded its original 25-year life expectancy and requires upgrades to address issues like condensation, ventilation, roof damage, and aging equipment. 

“The St Annes Pool is a cherished community asset that has served our residents for nearly four decades,” said Councillor Jayne Nixon, lead for Tourism, Leisure & Culture. “We are fully committed to preserving this facility through investments that will modernise its infrastructure and enhance its energy efficiency.” 

As part of this initiative, the Council has secured £220,000 in funding from the government’s Swimming Pool Support Fund (SPSF). This grant will finance the installation of solar photovoltaic panels and the replacement of the outdated boiler system, significantly improving the pool’s energy performance. 

Extensive condition surveys and assessments are currently underway to identify the full scope of work required, including mechanical, electrical, and building infrastructure improvements. The findings will inform a programme of works designed to extend the pool’s operational lifespan. 

We understand the importance of this facility to our community. By taking proactive measures and leveraging available funding, we can ensure that St Annes Pool continues to provide a safe and enjoyable facility. 

The Council is also preparing to tender for a new, long-term operator for the pool, effective from August 2025. To ensure a smooth transition, the procurement process will be supported by a specialised leisure consultant, ensuring the facility’s management aligns with the Council’s vision and community needs. 

For more information and updates on the St Annes Pool project, please visit the Council’s website at www.fylde.gov.uk/swimming 


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