Fylde Council’s highly successful CHANGE free adult weight management programme has been funded for another five years, with a right to extend for another three, through a Lancashire County Council Healthy Weight Services Grant.

From April 2024, Fylde Council’s new Healthy Weight Services programme will also include family sessions, building on the success of the current delivery over the past three years and providing a lifestyle multi-component weight management service supporting people to lose weight and improving associated knowledge and skills in both children and adults.

CHANGE (Creating Healthy Activities and Nutritious Gains to Empower change) is designed specifically for adult Fylde residents and is delivered by local community weight management services, providing community-based diet, nutrition, lifestyle and behavioural change advice. The group sessions and 1:1 support show people how to implement positive lifestyle changes over an eight-week course, helping participants learn how to manage their weight in a healthy and long-lasting way, plus physical activity sessions such has low-impact circuits and tennis.

Cllr Chris Dixon, Lead Member for Wellbeing, said: “Our CHANGE weight management programme has been a fantastic success, as shown both by Lancashire County Council’s reporting and the excellent feedback we’ve received from those who’ve taken part, and I’m to be able to confirm it will continue alongside our new programme designed for families. 

“The first step towards any lifestyle change can often feel like the hardest, and we’re proud to be making it easier for our residents. I’d encourage anyone with an interest to visit the Fylde Council website and see how easy it can be to join a community of supportive, like-minded people.”

Between April 2022 and May 2023, the CHANGE programme received 121 registrations, and participants have been hugely complimentary of the sessions and their delivery. Of the twelve districts running similar programmes, Fylde had the third highest average weight loss and an average overall rating of 9 out of 10 from its participants. Special praise was given for the accessibility of the service and its links to other local activities, such as frequent taster sessions helping people build the confidence to join other groups and try out activities they’d never have had the chance to try themselves.

The current funding for CHANGE continues until March 2023, after which the grant originating from the government will fund the delivery of Healthy Weight Services through £47,981 per annum via the collaboration between Fylde Council and Lancashire County Council. This funding is secured for the next five years, with the right to extend for a further three.

According to the Department of Health and Social Care, obesity costs the NHS around £6.5 billion a year and is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer. Over one in four (26%) adults and 23.4% of children aged 10-11 in England are living with obesity, placing huge pressure on the health and care system. The NHS describes obesity as a complex issue with many causes, and one which is increasingly common because the environment we live in makes it difficult for many people to eat healthily and do enough physical activity. 

If you are a Fylde resident interested in learning how to healthily manage weight in a community-based and accessible way, why not book your friendly telephone assessment today? Go to https://new.fylde.gov.uk/change/ to find out more and start your journey to a healthier, happier you. 

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