Discretionary Business Support Grant

Applications for the Discretionary Business Support Grant at Fylde closed at 12pm on 3rd July, 2020 in accordance with the announcements made when the scheme was extended. The funds available for grants from the discretionary scheme are limited, in order to manage applications and any awards made, it was necessary to have a set period in which to submit an application.  The fund has now been allocated and there is currently no further budget to make an award from.

Any business that submitted an application will be notified of the outcome within a few days of the scheme closing. The team assessing the applications will contact the applicant if any further evidence is required.

The council’s objective is to award as many grants as possible to eligible organisations, any award made will be based on the impact on the business as a result of the COVID 19 measures and any ongoing fixed building costs during the period. The discretionary award is determined locally subject to the business being eligible, local factors and local priority, there is no appeal process against as award made or non-eligibility.