If your circumstances change, you should tell us about the changes as soon as possible. If you do not tell us about a change of circumstances within one calendar month of the change, you could be losing out – the change could cause an increase in your benefit.

Similarly, if you do not tell us about changes in your circumstances you may have to repay any benefit which you should not have received.

Examples of changes we need to be told about:

  • a change to where you live
  • a change in who lives with you
  • a change in the income they get
  • a change to your wages
  • a change in your private pension
  • a change in any other income,
  • a change in the amount of rent you pay
  • if you start or stop receiving Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance
  • if you start or stop receiving any other benefit,
  • a change in your capital such as savings and investment
  • if you temporarily live away from home 

Please note that these are only examples of changes you need to tell us about. If you’re unsure whether a change will affect your benefit – tell us anyway.

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