Work will soon commence on the redevelopment of the North Beach Wind Sports Centre as a hub for visitors and residents to enjoy wind activities on the St Annes seafront and as a base for existing Windsports clubs. 

Beginning 30 May, a programme of renovation will see the building become host to a new café to provide refreshments to the public and provide a space for local community wind sports clubs, the Fylde Council Rangers and dune staff, and visitors on the beach. 

Cllr Michael Sayward, Chairman of the Tourism & Leisure Committee, said: “We are really looking forward to seeing the revamped Windsports Centre given a new lease of life and become a hive of activity at North Beach.” 

“The centre is due to be complete by late July/early August meaning there will be plenty of the summer season left to enjoy the offering here, and we look forward to welcoming residents, visitors, community groups and more.”  

The café will form the beating heart of the new design, providing refreshments to the public as well as catering to and working with community clubs such as the Kite Surfing Club and Land Yacht Club to provide dedicated space for education and support. The centre is already booked to host the Land Yacht Euros competition in 2023. 

Amongst the new amenities intended to appeal to local community clubs will be a designated ‘common room,’ hot showers, toilet facilities and a workshop/garage area for storage and repairs of equipment. A Changing Places Toilet facility will also be installed and made available for public use as part of Fylde Council’s corresponding capital scheme and commitment to accessibility for all. Clubs have already expressed their excitement about being able to provide training and introductory sessions for new members and interested visitors of all ages and abilities. 

The Fylde Rangers and dune staff will be based from an annexe, linked into the rest of the structure with a deck area, providing space for events to be held for the public and with plenty of opportunities to promote the beautiful sights and attractions of the Fylde beach and dunes area.  

The development of the North Beach Wind Sports Centre was approved by the Council’s Capital Investment Reserve, and it is anticipated that the free use of the facilities and upkeep of the building will be made possible by the income received from the café operation, making the enterprise sustainable. 


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