The replanting of the Japanese garden at Fairhaven Lake has begun in earnest, with volunteers working alongside Fylde Council’s dedicated landscapers to bring the original vision back to life.

Designed and built in 1925 by Thomas Mawson, a leading landscape architect from the northwest, the Japanese gardens and lagoon were lost in the early 1980s, and their excavation and renovation were designated as a priority in the plan to restore heritage features of the lake and gardens. The iconic stepping stones were raised and re-set in September 2021, and planting has now begun to let the garden bloom in colour once again.

volunteers started working on Wednesday 27 March, helping the landscapers implement the planting plan with blooms chosen for their appeal and suitability. Fairhaven ward Cllrs Cheryl Little, Ellie Gaunt, and Michelle Morris were also in attendance, doing their part to help restore the beauty of the garden.

Cllr Gavin Harrison, Deputy Chair of the Tourism & Leisure Committee, said: “We have an exciting year planned for Fairhaven Lake and Gardens, and it’s fantastic to be able to start the season with the welcome return of the Japanese gardens. I’d like to thank all the volunteers for their hard work in helping us restore this beloved part of the grounds.”

The restoration of the Japanese garden is just one element of the Fairhaven Lake and Garden Restoration project, supported through the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Big Lottery Fund. For more information about the new developments, revitalised amenities, and the exciting programme of events, visit the official Twitter account, the Discover Fylde website, and the Friends of Fairhaven Lake Facebook page.

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