About Fylde’s Community, Voluntary, Faith and Social Enterprises research

Selnet is Lancashire’s Social Enterprise Network – we have team members working on this already, from background research to active engagement, meetings and conversations across Fylde. We have around 2 months to gather as much insight as possible. We are already gathering information to produce the Feasibility and Baseline Study that Fylde Council needs – and are keen to hear from you.

Scope and Purpose of the project:

  • Fylde Council know the valuable contributions the CVFSE, or Third Sector, makes to Fylde’s communities and the local economy, however it is not fully understood who all the local delivery organisations are, where are they located, how many local providers there are, or the number of projects and programmes of support being delivered in our communities
  • Therefore, this Fylde Community, Voluntary, Faith, Social Enterprise (CVFSE) Sectors Feasibility and Baseline Study is required to better understand these sectors and the contributions they make

Please help us to include ALL Community, Voluntary, Faith and Social Enterprises across Fylde

  • Step 1: Please share this information with representatives of organisations in your area – we are keen to gather their insight on their work, their impacts and any needs or barriers holding them back to inform future support. Read more on our website’s page for this project
  • Step 2: As a starting point, we would be grateful for organisations to complete this questionnaire
  • Step 3: After the questionnaire has gathered some information, our team member Rachel will be in touch to hear more about the work, priorities, any limitations and insight into Fylde’s community needs