Fylde Council are supporting the “Fylde Aid for Ukraine” campaign, to provide vital household goods for Ukrainian refugees as they arrive in Poland.

Over half a million Ukrainian refugees have sought sanctuary in neighbouring Poland since 24 February, taking only the possessions they could carry, and are in drastic need of practical support for themselves and their families as they flee ongoing violence.

The “Fylde Aid for Ukraine” campaign, organised by local groups including the Bobby Ball Foundation, are working with their contacts in Poland to get crucial physical items to those who urgently require them.

Fylde residents wishing to donate goods will be able to do so at Lytham Institute in Lytham on Saturday 5 March and Sunday 6 March between 10am and 4pm.

Councillor Karen Buckley, Leader of Fylde Council, said:

“The crisis occurring in Ukraine is heart-breaking. I am sure that many of us have found it hard to tear our eyes away and have wondered how we could possibly help. Fylde Council are proud to support this campaign to give a way for our residents to assist, whether by giving those in-demand essentials as prescribed by the partner groups in Poland, or by offering what financial support they can spare. “

For a list of specific items the campaign seeks to provide, please see the Fylde Aid for Ukraine Facebook page.

If you would like to help but are unable to provide items, direct financial donations can be made through the national British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.


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