Fylde Council have been progressing a Partial Review of the Fylde Local Plan to 2032 (PRFLP32). The Partial Review will address two objectives; revising plans to reflect policy changes that the National Planning Policy Framework 2019 has made and examining the issue of Wyre’s unmet housing need, which was a commitment in the FLP32 and precondition of the Inspector finding the FLP32 sound.

Previously, the Council consulted on the scope of the Partial Review of the FLP32, and responses received on that consultation have been considered in producing the Publication Version. Following the consultation on the Publication Version, the Council has considered the responses and approved the submission of the PRFLP32 to the Secretary of State for Examination in Public.

The Partial Review was submitted to the Secretary of State on 21st October 2020. The submission documents can be viewed on the submission webpage.


The submission of the Partial Review of the Fylde Local Plan to 2032 for examination is an important milestone for the Council. The Partial Review enables the Local Plan to be kept up-to-date and will facilitate the delivery of the Council’s spatial development strategy.