Fylde Council has taken action under Section 78 of the Building Act 1984 to make safe a building on St Andrews Road South, St Annes, following a partial wall collapse at a residential property. 

Structural scaffolding has been installed to support the remaining wall and prevent further collapse, with further work having removed fallen bricks from the lower level of the building to reduce overloading. 

Section 78 of the Building Act 1984 states: 

(1) If it appears to a local authority that– 

   (a) building or structure, or part of a building or structure, is in such a state, or is used to carry such loads, as to be dangerous, and 

   (b) Immediate action should be taken to remove the danger, 

they may take such steps as may be necessary for that purpose.  

Fylde Council have the authority to carry out emergency works such as this, but do not have the power to make a resident leave an unsafe premises if they do not wish to, even if it is potentially dangerous. The Council can only invite such residents to engage with the Housing Team to find alternative accommodation while the works are carried out. 

The integrity of the building is of particular concern given the forecast of strong winds. All Fylde residents are advised to check their property regularly to ensure there are no dangers following the recent stormy weather. 

If you would like to report a dangerous structure, contact Fylde Council’s Building Control team by emailing buildingcontrol@fylde.gov.uk 


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