Lytham windmill has been restored to its full glory as the four specially made replacement sails were fitted to replace those lost last year. 

The iconic landmark suffered damage from high winds in October 2021, with three sails falling in intense weather and the fourth being removed by contractors on behalf of Fylde Borough Council so that repairs could be conducted.  

Cllr Michael Sayward, Chair of the Tourism and Leisure Committee, said: “The Lytham windmill is an immediately recognisable emblem not just of Lytham but of the entire Fylde. Since the final sail was removed to allow for the replacement of the full set, many residents have been in contact with us to ask when the windmill would be restored, showing just how well-loved a landmark it is, and it is our great pleasure to be able to announce the repairs complete.” 

The bespoke replacement sails, crafted by veteran millwright Joe Gillett and his skilled team, are made of wood from the western coast of the United States, and required a settling-in period of several weeks before they could be installed. 

Lytham windmill dates to the early 19th century, and over the years has operated variously as a working mill, a tourist attraction, a café, a club house for local institutions and an electricity substation. A programme of renovation was launched by Fylde Council in 1987 to address the issue of rising damp, and the windmill was reopened to the public in 1989. 

Today, the venerable structure is home to the Lytham Windmill and Lifeboat Museum, hosting numerous exhibits about the mill and milling, the history of the lifeboat service, and the broader local area, operated by the volunteers of the Lytham Heritage Group. Fylde Council also host a seasonal tourism information service from Easter to September. Further information about opening times of the museum, as well as upcoming events, can be found on the Lytham Windmill website: Lytham Windmill Museum – Opening Times 


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