Fylde Council is committed to help your business reopen safely as we work our way down the national roadmap to unlocking our lives and the economy.

We know that it wont be business as usual and there is still potential for Covid-19 to cause further problems but our shared goal is to keep the infection rate low.

This information is aimed at (but not limited to) activities such as hairdressing, barbers, nail and brow bars, makeup artists, tattoo and tanning studios, spas, sports and massage therapy, well-being and holistic locations.

Prior to reopening, review your risk assessment. Ensure it is up to date, reflective, suitable for purpose and takes account of any changes in order to maximise Covid safety. It is suggested you document control measures.

An appointment system will stagger customers and control numbers of entry. Check customers have no Covid symptoms and are not isolating before booking. Avoid customer waiting areas with prompt arrival for an appointment. Appointments should be for a single person only.

Display your NHS QR poster at your business entrance to assist with NHS Track and Trace. Ensure customers are using the Track and Trace app or you are retaining customer contact name, address and phone number in case of an outbreak. (see https://www.gov.uk/create-coronavirus-qr-poster)

Staff and clients must wear a face covering. This should take the form of a clear visor/goggles and a Type II face mask (a medical face mask made up of a protective 3-ply construction) that prevents large particles from reaching the client or working surfaces.

Safe positioning of workstations and staff  (2m apart/ use of screening) staggered staff breaks and frequent hand washing are critical. Utilise premises as far as possible to enable a one-way in/out system with floor markings, sanitising station upon entry and sufficient information on display to assist client safety.

Remove non-essential items such as children’s toys and magazines. Remove/limit snacks and drinks with no self-service. Wash towels, robes and related items, dispose of non-washable items like neck strips, between clients. Only use equipment that can be cleaned and disinfected, or disposable. Use a clean towel instead of a neck brush to remove hair. Maintain new/ clean equipment for each client.

Ensure work areas are located and spaced for hygienic operation- tasks such as folding/sorting laundry and towels and colour preparation stations. Ensure procedures for general environmental cleaning are frequent and robust.  Avoid sharing tools and products between workstations.

Consider a physical barrier at reception/ till areas. Do not encourage handling of retail products, samples and testers. Accept cashless payments with only clients handling their own personal belongings.

If you are aware of an employee with Covid-19, act quickly to ensure self-isolation of that person for 10 days. The business is also responsible for prompt identification of persons with whom a confirmed case has been in direct contact and self-isolation should also follow. You may wish to speak with your local Environmental Health Dept. for specific advice on 01253 658658. The team can also be contacted by email – commercial@fylde.gov.uk

Further information can be found here.