See below for the consultation on the 2020 Draft APS

The Council has produced an Annual Position Statement (APS), setting out its five-year housing land supply, in line with paragraph 74 of the National Planning Policy Framework. The APS has been produced with engagement from developers and agents regarding expected delivery of new homes on sites. The APS was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 31st July 2019.

The original report produced by the Planning Inspectorate was quashed in the High Court on 1st April 2020. The Council made a legal challenge to the Inspector’s report, because in it the Inspector stated that the required number of homes to be used for the calculation should be altered from that used in the adopted Local Plan. The government’s lawyers agreed with the Council that the Inspector erred in law in using this different housing requirement. The government and the Council agreed a court order which quashed the report and ordered that it be sent back for reconsideration by the Planning Inspectorate. The court order quashing the earlier report can be viewed here: Court order 1st April 2020

The Planning Inspectorate has issued a replacement report on 6th May 2020. The report confirms that the Council has a housing land supply equivalent to 5.1 years’ supply of deliverable sites. The Inspector’s Report can be found through the link here: Inspector’s Report on the Fylde APS

The APS incorporating the recommendations of the Inspector on site delivery, and including the Inspector’s report, can be found through the link here: Five-year housing land supply: Annual Position Statement

The APS concludes that the Council has a 5-year housing land supply, for the purposes of decision-taking, until 31st October 2020.


Draft Annual Position Statement for Base Date 1st April 2020

The Council has produced a Draft Annual Position Statement (APS), which sets out the sites which provide the Council’s five-year housing land supply for the base date 1st April 2020. The Council is consulting on the document prior to submitting it to the Secretary of State for his consideration. The document can be viewed via the link below:

Five Year Housing Land Supply Draft Annual Position Statement 2020

The Council welcomes comments from stakeholders and other interested parties on the information contained within this document, including:

  • The Council’s overall methodology and assumptions, including lead-in times and build-out rates;
  • The Council’s assessment of likely delivery on individual sites. The Council particularly wishes to hear from the landowners/developers of the sites included, in relation to delivery on their own site(s).

Respondents should make clear which part of the document is being referred to in their response, by the reference to page numbers and individual site references where applicable. All consultation responses should be sent by email to with the title Housing Land Supply – Annual Position Statement.

Responses must arrive by 5.00 pm on 2nd July 2020.