Fylde Council carries out weed spraying on behalf of Lancashire County Council along the public highways, in residential areas which includes kerb channels, foot ways and flagged areas.  Un-adopted areas and private land will not be treated.

Three rounds of weed spraying has been scheduled for 2022 which are planned to be completed in April, June and September. This is weather permitting as spraying cannot be carried out in wet or windy conditions.

The first borough wide spray is due to be commence from Monday 28th March 2022 and will take around two to three weeks to be completed.

The dates for the second and three rounds of weed spraying will be confirmed closer to the time.

 First spray completedSecond spray completedThird spray completed
Ansdell Ward31.03.2221/07/2022
Ashton Ward29.03.22
Central Ward29.03.22 & 30.03.22
Clifton Ward30.03.2217/07/2022 & 21/07/2022
Elswick Ward02.04.22 & 09.04.2225/07/2022
Little Eccleston and Larbreck Ward02.04.22 & 09.04.2225/07/2022
Fairhaven Ward30.03.2214/07/2022
Freckleton East Ward03.04.2226/07/2022
Freckleton West Ward03.04.2221/07/2022
Heyhouses Ward29.03.22
11 & 12/07/22 + 22/07/22
Kilnhouse Ward28.03.22
Kirkham North Ward10.04.2223/07/2022
Kirkham South Ward13.04.2223/07/2022
Medlar with Wesham Ward08.04.22
Newton Ward09.04.2215/07/2022
Treales, Roseacre and Wharles Ward09.04.2215/07/2022
Park Ward29.03.22 & 30.03.2218/07/2022 19/07/2022
Ribby with Wrea Ward28.03.2211.07.22
Greenhalgh Ward28.03.22 & 29.03.22
Singleton Ward28.03.22 & 29.03.2226/07/2022
St Johns Ward03.04.2218/07/2022
St Leonards Ward29.03.22
11.07.22 + 12.07.22
Staining Ward28.03.22
Weeton Ward28.03.22
Bryning with Warton Ward10.04.2220/07/2022
Westby with Plumptons Ward10.04.2220/07/2022