For many years local communities have felt that their local park or open space has been neglected and they have been powerless to do anything about it. Setting up a parks supporters group gives all members of the community the chance to develop their local park or open space in line with their needs.

Forming a Supporters Group places the ownership firmly  within the community. Being a “friend” of a park or open space is an excellent way of providing facilities, events and activities for your local community. Although this is sometimes hard work, the rewards are more than worth the effort.

Fylde Parks Supporters groups

  • Supporters of Ashton Gardens
  • Friends of Hope Street Park
  • Friends of Lowther Gardens
  • Wrea Green In Bloom
  • Freckleton In Bloom
  • Ansdell In Bloom
  • Elswick In Bloom
  • Staining In Bloom
  • Kirkham in Bloom
  • Treales in Bloom
  • St Annes on Sea in Bloom
  • Lytham in Bloom
  • Bloomin’ Warton
  • St Anne’s Beachcare group
  • Fairhaven Coastal Care Group
  • Friends of the Estuary
  • Friends of Fairhaven Lake
  • Friends of Freckleton Memorial Park
  • Friends of Blackpool Road North Playing Fields
  • Friends of Green Drive
  • Park View 4U
  • Friends of Crescent Gardens
  • Friends of St Annes Station
  • Friends of Ansdell & Fairhaven station
  • Friends of Lytham Station

There are several areas in the Fylde that are in need of a support group, if you are interested in setting one up for a local open space or park please contact Amy Docherty on