During the day motorhomes can park on any of our long stay car parks. Short stay car parks (St Annes Square, Wood Street and Pleasant Street) are excluded. You must pay for as many bays as you occupy.

We offer overnight parking on our St Pauls Avenue (maximum vehicle length 5m), Fairhaven Road Car Park (maximum vehicle length 7m), St Annes Swimming Pool Car Park (maximum vehicle length 8m), North Promenade (maximum length 6m) and North Beach Car Park (maximum length 10m).

Motorhomes can stay overnight for up to 48hrs maximum and must be parked in a designated motorhome bay. Overnight motorhome parking (any time between 7pm and 9am the following day) in a standard bay is not permitted on any of our car parks. Please refer to our Tariff Boards and Motorhome conditions of use for further information.

Although our car parks do not offer any additional facilities, a sluice unit for use by motorhomers is provided approximate 500m North of St Annes Swimming Pool Car Park at North Promenade car park in the public WCs. 20 minutes free parking is provided in a designated bay beside the building. A £1 charge is made for use of the facility. Currently no water supply is provided.

Coach Parking

Coach parking (vehicles with 16 or more passengers) is permitted on Fairhaven Road Car Park in one 7 seven designated bays ONLY. A fee of £10 per coach applies. Coaches are not allowed to park on any other part of Fairhaven Road car park. If designated bays are occupied alternative on-street parking will need to be located. For more information about on-street parking you can contact Lancashire Parking Services.

For safety reasons we also allow coaches to drop passengers off at the coach drop-off point on St Annes Swimming Pool car park. Coaches are not permitted to stay and wait. Once passengers have been dropped off alternative parking, either at Fairhaven Road car park or on-street, will need to be located.

Horse Boxes

You can bring a horse box onto North Beach and Fairhaven Road car parks only, however you must have a permit for this. This permit is to enable Fylde Borough Council to check appropriate third party liability insurance before the parking facilities are used. An administration fee of £20 per annum is charged for the permit. In addition to displaying a valid permit a pay and display ticket must be purchased for each designated bay a vehicle takes up on each visit to one of the car parks.


Motorcycles are free to park in all car parks. Please use the designated parking bays in those car parks that have them, where possible. For information, every Monday evening from 6pm – 8pm there is a motorcycle meeting at St Annes Square Car Park.


For all car park tariffs please visit Fylde car parks