Bowling greens in Fylde are provided by a range of clubs and organisations across the Borough, including 4 council-maintained greens.

Fylde Council run an annual contract for people wishing to bowl on the 4 council owned sites on Hope Street Park, Fairhaven Lake, Ashton gardens and Lowther Gardens. Each site has 2 bowling greens.

The costs for using a council owned green are:

Adult2 hours£6
Senior citizen2 hours£5
Junior2 hours£2.00
Hire of bowls(deposit)£5

Adult contractAnnual£85.00
Senior citizen contractAnnual £65.00
Junior contractAnnual £30.00
Winter only contractAnnual £20.00

Green reservationPer hour£35.00

Hire of bowls – £5.00 deposit

Fylde Council have a rich history of working closely with bowling clubs that help promote, advertise and develop bowling within the borough.