Fylde Council have commissioned Justin Gardner Consulting and CNB Housing Insights to conduct a major survey of households that either currently live in the Fylde council area or would wish to live in the Fylde area in future.

The survey will provide a key piece of the evidence base to support the Council in driving the delivery of affordable housing of appropriate types in different parts of the Borough and ensuring that needs of particular groups are met. The survey will help the Council to quantify the amount of affordable and market housing for sale or rent that is needed in the future across the Borough.

The information you provide will be collected by CNB Housing Insights, who have been contracted by the Council to undertake this survey in partnership with JG Consulting.

CNB Housing Insights as the data controller will collect and process information about you on the basis that you have given your consent to do so. Neither JG Consulting nor the Council will process or hold any personal data.   The research outcomes received by the Council will only contain data in an anonymised form.

The link to CNB Housing Insights privacy statement can be found here.

Privacy and Data Protection (cnbhousing.co.uk)

All queries regarding your data should be passed to CNB Housing Insights.

What type(s) of information will be gathered by CNB Housing Insights?

  • personal information – name, address, telephone number,
  • special category data such as ethnicity, information about your health and any disability you may have
  • information about your past and present housing circumstances
  • information about future housing intentions of you and members of your households
  • information about your household income and savings specifically for the purposes of assessing any eligibility for affordable housing

 Please click here to view the Fylde Housing Need Survey