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The dog exclusion zone on the amenity beach at St Annes starts Good Friday until 30th September.

The amenity beach is located between the slipway for St Annes Lifeboat Station and the northern end of North Promenade Car Park (by the Danfo toilets) extending seaward to the mean low water mark.

During the current social distancing guidance provided by the government to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand many local residents are using the beach for personal exercise as well as exercising dogs. It is even more important that people adhere to this restriction at present as the amenity beach is the only stretch where people can exercise whilst obeying the 2m social distancing requirements without dogs.

There is also a seasonal dogs-on-leads restriction for the Promenade and Promenade Gardens between Fairhaven Car Park and North Promenade Car Park for the same period.

The amenity beach area is relatively small, leaving dog walkers a vast amount of beach stretching towards Squires Gate northwards and Lytham Quays southwards.

Legislation is in place across the whole borough for the removal and disposal of dog fouling that requires the person in charge of a dog to pick up and dispose of dog fouling in a bin marked suitable for dog waste.

All litter bins in Fylde are multi-purpose and can be used to dispose of both litter and dog fouling. Offenders can get a fixed penalty notice of £100.

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